A literary club of the Angélique books’ readers

It seems that the readers of Angélique books suffer from too much respect for such extensive works such as just Angélique, because they are usually only venturing into small molds which are most numerously represented by the poems, inspired by Angélique’s personality and life, and by the specific events from the Anne Golon's work. For clarity, there are the readers' creations of this type in chronological order according to the book to which they relate.

We left these poems in the Czech language but we hope we will able to add also some work in the English. You can publish all your lyrics in the appropriate forum Readers' creativity. On this page we put only those that are thematically related to Angélique and underwent a revision.

The Czech texts' proofreader: Dagmar Šeráková

Angélique's childhood in Poitou and her youth in Toulouse
Angélique's childhood did not inspired the readers so much as a marriage with the mysterious Count de Peyrac and development of their relationship. However next time, there can also appear the places associated with so many interesting events and people, as the town full of the churches and monasteries Poitiers or the old, mysterious ancestral seat Monteloup.

The Royal Festivities and the Court of Miracles
The period of the Royal fêtes is not used among the readers so much as Angélique's wandering in the Parisian underworld. The Court of Miracles, the dark and oppressive atmosphere and the character of Desgreze... it seems they love the most. In the future, there could be added the topics motivated by a new book of the series Angélique l'Intégrale: The Royal Festivities.

Madame Chocolate and the time of life at the Court
Madame de Montespan, Mademoiselle de La Vallière and the other unforgettable figures of the King's Court as the topics of the poems. In addition to the entanglement of our old friends and enchanting atmosphere of Versailles, there also seems to be the fashion fads as a suitable theme.

The Mediterranean adventures and the revolts of the Rebel of Poitou
The topics of the Mediterranean, of the journeys, scent of the distances and their poetic atmosphere are attracted the readers to their own creative adaptation. But more frequent, it is an another dark period of Angélique; this time, it is setting for the forests of Poitou, where she leads a rebellion against the King.

The period of life in La Rochelle and in the New France
The town La Rochelle, the meeting of Angélique with masked Rescator, and all other adventures in the New World inspire their readers rarely. However, there is an offer of a huge amount of the topics concerning the Native American, the maple forests and large lakes, and even the problems of the religiously motivated wars between the French and the English.