Italian movie posters

Overview of artworks made for to promote the movie Angélique in Italy. The makers of the movie posters, for to attract viewers invented special movie-collage concept, which caused a number of very curious and picturesque banners.

Very interesting is the confusion of names about the second and third part of the movie Angélique. The second part of the Angélique movie, 'The Road to Versailles' (La Meravigliosa Angelica) is presented under the name 'Angélique at the King's court' (Angelica alla Corte del Re) and contrariwise.
This substitution was a mistake of distributor, who presented second part of the film series in cinemas with the wrong name, including any previous promotion, which could no longer be repaired. While placing Angélique and the King in theaters, it was no longer possible to use the same (and correct) name of the film, therefore distributors decided using the name of the previous movie of the Angélique series. The movies were in Italy released on VHS and DVD with these names too.

In a way, the character of Nicolas, in Italy very popular actor Giuliano Gemma, was on the movie posters represented preferred. The authors of movie posters presented him in film scenes in which he did not appear at all...

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Angélique: The Road to Versailles
Angélique and the King
Indomitable Angélique
Angélique and the Sultan
Angelica alla Corte del Re
La Meravigliosa Angelica
L'indomabile Angelica
Angélica e il Gran Sultano