Movie shadow crawling behind the work of Anne Golon

Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels (1964) - Angélique: The Road to Versailles (Merveilleuse Angélique, 1965) - Angélique and the King (1966) - Indomitable Angélique (1967) - Angélique and the Sultan (1968) - Angélique (2013)

The movies by a skillful craftsman Bernard Borderie, in a production by Francis Cosne and Raymond Borderie, belong to the best of the genre films of the sixties. However, the worldwide popularity of these films also contributed to be belittling the work of Anne Golon to a large extent.

The second time, the right to film the Angélique was entrusted the production and distribution company Ajoz films, which seeks to return to the exclusively European co-productions. The new film by Ariel Zeitoun was released at the end of the year 2013.

Angélique (1964 - 1968): The conception of film
It's not a typical historical-adventure romance but one of the cultural manifestations of the sixties, and for its appreciation, there is needed to stop assigning to a historical movie, and enjoy a metaphor to the model of "new woman" and a big symbolism.

Angélique at the Theatre
In 1980 – 1981, there were played two musical romances Angélique – 'The story of flame love' and 'The blue rose of the god Mars' in Japan. In 1995 – 1996, Robert Hossein put on the stage the performance 'Angélique Marquise des Anges' in Paris, and the musical 'Angelika' is played in the Prague's theatre Divadlo Broadway.

Angélique (1964 - 1968): An overview of the filming locations
The authors of the Angélique films made do with relatively few locations and managed to manipulate them so deftly that reached engaging and compelling scenes without holding of the realities. Most of the scenes that take place in Poitou, Languedoc and Paris were paradoxically shot in Burgundy.

Movie fashion: The clothes, jewelry, hairstyles and accessories
The movies by Bernard Borderie are famous among other things for their glamorous costumes and hairstyles. Get an idea about this particular fashion style, which perfectly combines elements of the 17th century with elements of 60s of the 20th century. This collection includes nearly 500 categorized pictures. The images are left without comment.

Movie posters
An extensive list represents only a fraction of the artworks that were created as posters for the purpose of presentation of the movie Angélique. The films by director Bernard Borderie been shown in dozens of countries and in some of them there are several variants of the movie posters for each movie part.

Italian movie posters
An overview of artworks made for to promote the movie Angélique in Italy. The makers of the movie posters, for to attract viewers invented special movie-collage concept, which caused a number of very curious and picturesque banners.

VHS and DVD-Covers
Movies from Bernard Borderie were released on VHS and DVD in dozens of countries and their re-editions are not yet come to an end. Outline of VHS and DVD-Covers.

Bulletin Board Photos
A collection of the cinema poster images, called "stills", used as a trailer for the movie Angélique in cinemas around the world.

Movie posters of new film Angélique (2013)
An overview of some posters for the new movie Angélique by Ariel Zeitoun, which were used for the cinema promotions or which were used for the DVD release promotion.