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The webpage www.angelique.cz is dedicated to the work of the most popular and the most translated French writer of the 20th century Anne Golon: Angélique. Our goal is an international enlightenment and elimination of the myths which were born around the Angélique books in recent years. In other part, this website also presents the characteristic features of the time of the Sun King as a period fashion, architecture, art, literature and movies about the time of Louis XIV.

The writer of the novel did very detailed historical research, and therefore the books have got an unusually detailed historical foundation. The Angélique by Anne Golon surprised with historical accuracy that goes far beyond what we know as ordinary romance from the past or from the books of Alexandre Dumas. Anne Golon does not only focus on the most important events of the 17th century. There are also the exceptional detailed descriptions of the free-time activities and of the commonplace life in the countryside or at the royal court, whether in France or in Canada.

The novel never lacks for excitement. In the books there is lot of action, romance and humour, and we can find there drama, and the tragic elements as well. Anne Golon told the story from the perspective of a woman (from the perspective of the main character and the author himself). Interestingly described is relationship between the Count de Peyrac and Angélique. The story is told not only from a female, but also from a male perspective. Not to be overlooked, that the development of the main characters corresponds with that of its authors.

In the book series "Angélique" used Anne Golon several writing styles. We can say that her novel contains stories of multiple genres. In the book series Angélique we can find more than 1350 characters, hundreds of them are based on historical figures. At the beginning, this literary work finds inspiration in stories such as Beauty and the Beast, Cupid and Psyche, The Phantom of the Opera or Gone with the Wind. In other episodes the plot moves to the dark stories of legendary and spectacular poison affair at the court of Louis XIV and we can read about the hard life in the Parisian underworld.

After the third book in the series about the glamorous festivities in Versailles, where Madame Chocolat is returned as the fashionable Angélique Marquise du Plessis-Belliere, leads us our journey to the Mediterranean sea and Morocco, and describes life in the harem. Then we come back in the French province of Poitou, the land of swamps and later to La Rochelle full of persecuted Huguenots.

After a little gloomy fifth book follows a cheerful one, which takes place mostly on the ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sailing to America. The whole story is based on the turbulent dialogue between Angélique and her recovered husband. Angélique in Quebec tells especially Angélique experiences in this charming city in New France. The reader will be for sure amused about satirical stories about the gallant Frenchman. The heroes are the whole winter completely separated from the outside world, due to the ice and snow. Completion of the "Canadian series" tells us about relationships between the Jesuits who worked as missionaries and cruel and desperate Indians. Key features of the novel are admiration of nature, very good historical research, an almost palpable tension, mysterious, almost magical atmosphere and unexpected humour.

Planned conclusion of the series with the announced title 'The Kingdom of France' is a big unknown. Will Angélique end up in the New World, or will she return to France...?
February 28, 2021: Angélique book in English
The first English edition of book "Angelique. Marquise of the Angels. 1 - Childhood" from the series "Complete unabridged version" is released on Amazon in the Kindle Editon. The work by Anne Golon was translated by Samantha David, the cover and accompanying illustrations were created by Nadine Goloubinoff.

January 12, 2021: Angelique Books on FB
Nadine Goloubinoff, daughter of Anne Golon, opened the new official page Angelique Books for international audiences on Facebook.

December 31, 2020: Robert Hossein passed away
The actor and director Robert Hossein left for the heaven of artists. The readers of novel Angélique know him due to his cast in role of Joffrey de Peyrac in the movies by Bernard Borderie.

December 17, 2020: Birthday of Anne Golon
This day, we commemorate the 99th birthday of Anne Golon, the author of the novel Angélique. All her readers and fans are still remembering her with love and with unceasing admiration.

August 06, 2018: Version d’Origine in Russia
The publisher Azbuka (Moscow) released the thirteenth volume The Victory of Angélique from the series Version d’Origine.

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The series L'Intégrale & Version
The worldwide editions of the series Angélique: L'Intégrale

Publisher Fragment (Czech Republic):
10/2007: The Marquise of the Angels
04/2008: The Toulouse Wedding
10/2008: The Royal Fêtes
10/2009: The Executed Man of Notre-Dame
04/2010: The Lights and the Shadows of Paris
Publisher Klub semejnogo dosuga (Russia):
10/2009: The Shadows and the Lights in Paris
08/2010: The Road to Versailles
06/2011: The War in Laces
Publisher Fukkan.com (Japan):
07/2013: The Shadows and the Lights
11/2013: The Road to Versailles
07/2014: The War in Laces
Publisher Litera (Romania):
06/2016: The Executed Man of Notre-Dame
10/2016: The Lights and the Shadows in Paris
Publisher Archipoche (France):
10/2017: The Shadows and the Lights in Paris
11/2017: The Road to Versailles
Publisher Amazon Kindle Edition (UK):
02/2021: Marquise of the Angels. 1 - Childhood

Publisher l’Archipel (France):
12/2013: Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels
09/2014: Angélique, the Road to Versailles
01/2015: Angélique and the King
10/2017: The Indomitable Angélique
Publisher Azbuka (Russia):
05/2017: The Temptation of Angélique
09/2017: Angélique in Quebec
03/2018: Angélique, the Road of Hope
08/2018: The Victory of Angélique
Angélique told her how the kitten had been injured. (...) Honorine listened to what Angélique was saying while keeping an eye on her rival, who was also watching her through half-closed eyes. She rubbed her cheek against Angélique's caressingly, and Angélique gave her an affectionate kiss. She looked at the wilful little face cuddling up against her and proudly stroked Honorine's copper-coloured hair. Her daughter was beautiful, and there was something of the princess in her bearing. She had a long, proud, strong neck, and her skin was not freckled, as might have been expected, but delicately golden like Angélique's. In her rounded oval face, with its well-shaped features, her small dark eyes were the only feature that would have seemed unattractive if their fearless, earnest expression had not impressed those on whom she fixed her cool, shrewdly watchful gaze. She was quite a character.

(Golon, Sergeanne. Angélique and the Ghosts. London: Pan Books, 1979, p. 45-46)

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