The novel series Angélique L'Intégrale: The brief annotations of the new edition

The Marquise of the Angels (2006)
In this part we get to know the childhood of the rural noblewoman in the French region of Poitou in detail. Angélique as a little fairy from the marshes is growing up beside her rural friends in the woods and meadows, and her beliefs about the world are naturally complemented with the stories of the servants at the castle, of the old aunts and of superstitious nanny. This world is not always idyllic, and a human stupidity, jealousy, money and the struggle for survival, it all interferes into it. Angélique does not fit in a group of her many siblings, and her relatively limited relationship with parents is based on the environment and time. As well, there is logical part of the growing up of Angélique in a convent in Poitiers, a godly town with many churches and cathedrals. Here Angélique gets not only formal education but she also gets to know the hypocritical rules, which the greater society will require, and also an unexpected death, when the city hits the plague. Like every hardly teenage girl, Angélique also has to be married as it will be the most advantageous for her family – therefore she becomes the bride of an unknown Count, with whom, on top of that, she is married by proxy. Contents

The Marriage in Toulouse (2006)
The Bartered Fiancée (2009)
On the road to her new home in Toulouse, into the city and cultural center of the south France, Angélique goes through the provinces of France and meets with their personalities such is the Duc de Lauzun. Her initial meeting with an unknown husband is in a sign of the fear and uncertainty, and Angélique does not believe that she could ever love this man with the scars. Therefore she very soon creates own rhythm and harmony of private days that are pleasantly passing in the seat of a wealthy gentleman who is seemingly oblivious to her. Perhaps out of boredom, Angélique starts to notice that her mystery man is also a scientist, philosopher, singer, successful businessman, organizer of the festivities, esthete and lover not only of feminine beauty. During the conversations on the diverse themes and the endless festivities, they both become close and Angélique becomes a wife in love and mother of a dreamed-of son Florimond. Angélique's family is enjoying of the tranquility at a rural lodge in the mountains, while the whole of France resolves news from the life of the Royal family – because, the King should get married soon.

The Royal Fêtes (2007)
The Royal family has gone through many twists and turns than the Queen Anne bore a son Louis after many failures, and brought him to the coronation and to the true reign in many years later. Now, the young King must repay the grace of Heaven and marry the Spanish Infanta, he had never seen before. In the interest of the state, there is primarily the peace between the two countries which will be ensured by this marriage. However, the situation is not simple and its success is based on the gradual negotiation of the ambassadors and politicians. The Court travels from Paris to the south on the Spanish borderline to be awaiting the moment of the agreement at the endless long time. Of course, Angélique and her husband are among the all important nobility who accompany and entertain the Court in the Basque town, St.-Jean-de-Luz, on the Atlantic coast for all the time. The situation becomes complicated when the Count de Peyrac disappears mysteriously during the celebration and Angélique must return alone with the Court to Paris to find out why her husband was arrested, and to try to save him. Contents of the part 1 - Contents of the part 2 - The Palace on the Pheasant Island

The Executed Man from Notre Dame (2008)
Angélique doesn’t want to give up the hope of rescuing her husband, against who the powerful people conspired. She even manages to meet with the King, but the audience will not bring the success she had hoped for. On the contrary, this meeting is going to roil the relationships between two young and proud people. Eventually, Angélique has no choice, that is why she obeys the advice of the Advocate Desgrez and becomes a different woman – the Countess de Peyrac no longer exists. In falling into permanently greater poverty she meets still with her brother and with Françoise Scarron who also lives in the Temple. The court case of the Count de Peyrac, accused of witchcraft, cannot meet with the success despite all efforts of the Advocate Desgrez. The Count must be forgotten and before this, he has to be publicly burned at the Place de Grève. The young widow fits into the Underworld of Paris, whose elements are pulling around the Cemetery of the Innocents and the tower of Nesle. Here is a fight for own place by the ones like is the Gutter Poet, the Great Corsair, the Calembredaine and the Egyptian Rodogone. And it is the Calembredaine, in whom Angélique discovers one of her childhood friends. Contents of the part 1 - Contents of the part 2

The Shadows and the Lights in Paris (2008)
Angélique learns to live with Nicholas at the Court of Miracles, while there is dying the Cardinal Mazarin farther from that place, and the King Louis the XIV will henceforth govern oneself. Along with that, as the young woman is getting to know her place among the senior persons of the Paris Underworld better, she also gains the energy to build a new home with her two children in the Tower of Nesle, where she is all alone trying to protect them from hunger and the traffickers of children. After a fight between two rival gangs Angélique gets to prison Châtelet, but later a luck smiles on her in a form the inn called “Le coq Hardi” where her former maid Barbe is employed. Angélique gradually takes over the fate of the inn into her hands and even as the successful innkeeper, she is introduced together with the association of the Guild of the Parisian merchants in the Louvre. She moves into her own apartment in the street Francs-Bourgeois. Through her connections with the leading figures of modern French cuisine, Angélique formulates the plans for the fashionable chocolate factory, which would have moved up her on the social ladder much higher. Contents of the part 1 - Contents of the part 2 - Contents of the part 3

The Road to Versailles (2010)
The Count de Peyrac is long gone and Angélique seeks all alone her own happiness in Paris. Since the time when she trades with a chocolate, she has become one of the richest Parisian women. Now, thanks to luck in a card game with the Prince de Condé, she gains even the Parisian palace of her first husband Joffrey de Peyrac. She moves up higher on the social ladder and friends with the important figures of the time such as Ninon de Lenclos. It would seem that Angélique and her sons are missing nothing. But Angélique, Madame Chocolat, still needs new name: the Marquise du Plessis-Bellière. When she manages to marry for the beautiful king's marshal, then the gates of Versailles are opening for her and Angélique will be able to face the Sun King, Louis the XIV again. However, gaining of the name and of the heart of a strange Marquis du Plessis, they are two different things; and the wealth of Angélique will help only for the first. So here begins a tense marriage of Angélique and Philippe du Plessis.