The cartoon stories of the little Angélique

Nadia Goloubinoff, a daughter of Anne and Serge Golon, recently initiated the implementation of cartoon stories of Angélique. Together with her friends, she created the book Angélique Marquise des Anges (Angélique, The Marquise of the Angels) that should be completely released on high quality paper with a glossy hard cover. The first of eight parts begins in Monteloup and the last part will end with the wedding, as a good fairy tale. All of the following information and images is used with the permission of the Archange International.

Consisting of:
1. Monteloup
2. Highwaymen
3. Le chaudaut
4. The visit from Plessis-Bellière
5. The Politics and the Intrigue
6. In the monastery of the Ursuline nuts
7. The return at Monteloup
8. Angélique is getting married
A childhood of Angélique took place during the uprising and wars when the deserters and robbers of all kinds went through the roads of the France...
"I am Angélique and I lead my cherubs to war ..."
„I am a Marquise,“ she said...
The little Marquise of the Angels was running through meadows, where she was playing with her little friends - a son of miller Valentine and a herdsboy Nicholas.