Motion picture fashion

Following gallery presents just the fashion style in the movies Angélique (the real fashion of the 17th century is presented in the Fashion of the Sun King period). All of the pictures are exclusively movie quotes of the following works: Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels (1964), The Marvellous Angélique (1965), Angélique and the King (1966), The Indomitable Angélique (1967), Angélique and the Sultan (1968). These images are just thumbnails and their original size opens in a new window. The costumes and hairstyles are divided into women's and men's fashion and within the individual parts, there are as well the accessories, negligee, oriental clothes, rural clothes, travel clothes, exceptional clothes and work clothes.

Women's dresses: velvet, satin, lace, summer, brocade
Women traveling clothes
Angélique's exceptional dresses: The gold and wedding dress
Men’s satin suits and brocade suits
Men's shirts, jackets and work wear
Accessories: Women's coats and boots, hoods and hats
Rural and bourgeois clothes, small nobility clothing
Oriental clothes
Man and woman in a negligee
Women's hairstyles and jewelry
Men's hairstyles

Lace dress

Brocade dress

Summer dress

Satin dress

Satin and lace dress

Velvet dress

Nobility clothing