A costume club of the Angélique books’ readers

The dresses inspired by Angélique can take various forms and can belong into a period of Versailles, Canada or of the Court of Miracles; or they can simply symbolize the style of another characters from the world of Angélique and of the Sun King. Regardless of the historical accuracy, Angélique arouses inside us the feelings which are reflected in every dress, whether it is a light-coloured dress of a maid, a flowing and less tasteful dress from the Court of Miracles or the winter cloaks and pelerines. Perhaps the most powerful motive, there remains the period of the Court of the Sun King, and Angélique's famous gowns: blue, gold, red, green, with highlights and other.

It is not always necessary to excel in sewing, sometimes it is enough to simply sew just as Angélique. ;-) What are your visions of the costumes? You can add all your own works in the appropriate forum the Readers' creativity, and we will put them here on this page.

For more costume variations: Angélique's costumes created by the Czech fans of sewing for the dolls Barbie as the theme of the month

Pink dress, in which Angélique has fun at the Court for the first time: Martina
Black-and-bronze dress and summer lacy dress with roses: Katy
Riding costume and flowered dress with bows: Mona
A pink satin dress from the scene when Angélique stays overnight at the Court for the first time, succeeds in the card game and on top of that, she gets her own room with label 'Reserved for' the Marquise de Plessis-Bellière.
A black-and-bronze dress of the Angélique's second wedding, and the ambassador of the Persian Shah, Bakhtiari Bey. A pink summer dress with roses and lacy skirt from the scene of a summer afternoon with the King in shore Seina.
Angélique's riding costume known from the famous movie scene with a statue, and a pink flowered dress with little bowknots from time of happy life in Toulouse after the birth of the son Florimond.

kasi.wgz.cz - Angelika a ...

kasi.wgz.cz - Angelika III

kasi.wgz.cz - Téma měsíce

kasi.wgz.cz - Angelika I

Black-and-gold dress:
Light-green clothes with lace dress:
Angélique is introduced to the King:
A black-and-gold dress from the movie scene, the ceremonial reception of Bakhtiari Bey at the Court of the French King.
Upper light-green clothes overlying a lower dress from white lace inspired by the fashion in the movie Angélique.
A brocade dress with deep neckline inspired by Angélique's gold dress in which she is introduced to the King in the movie.

danuses.webgarden.cz - Angelika

danuses.webgarden.cz - Angelika II

Turquoise dress of madame Morens:
Gold dress of the Countess de Peyrac:
Blue dress of the Marquise de Plessis-Bellière: Monika
A turquoise dress with bows from the scene when the masked Angélique engages her cousin Philippe de Plessis-Bellière in the salon of Ninon de l'Enclos.
Angélique's golden dress from the scene when she was first introduced to the King who visited the castle of the Count de Peyrac on his return from his wedding.
Beautiful blue baroque dress can resemble the Angélique's gown with a stream of diamonds on the July festivities at Versailles, where she dazzled not only the King...



The gold skirts:
Jana Krátká, st.
Blue dress:
Jana Krátká, st.
Dress with the reflections of light:
Jana Krátká, st.
A gold skirt with accessories, with a scarf over hair; inspired by a scene when Angélique draped a scarf over head and has run away to Paris...
A memory of Angélique's blue gown of the great fêtes at Versailles. Delicate light stockings embroidered with gold...
Glossy burgundy dress decorated with black or white lace, which casting a light reflection in all directions at the sunset

Red dress:
Jana Krátká, st.
The ladies from Québec:
Jana Krátká, st.
From fantasy to classic:
Jana Krátká, st.
A red dress... and the legs in lacy stockings peeking from under the gorgeous gown.
A cloak with fur for the noble ladies taking a walk in the Quebec's winter streets.
A yellow-green fantasy and a black dress in the classic style with a burgundy skirt.

Black-and-white dress:
Jana Krátká, st.
Pelerine and a winter fur cloak:
Jana Krátká, st.
The maid:
Jana Krátká, st.
An elegant, black-and-white classic perhaps ideal for Madame Morens. The fur mantles suitable for Angélique on board of the Gouldsboro during an autumn sailing. The dresses of the maid inspired by Angélique's maid Margot.

Yellow and green:
Jana Krátká, st.
Winter fur cloaks over ball gowns:
Jana Krátká, st.
Pink festive gown:
Jana Krátká, st.
The yellow and green dresses. On the road at the Twelfth-night ball... A pink festive dress with a white lace...

White-and-red variations:
Jana Krátká, st.
Underworld and maid:
Jana Krátká, st.
Jana Krátká, st.
White and red dress occasionally supplemented with black lace. The time of the Court of Miracles and another model for a maid (Barbe). Redhead Honorine like a young lady ...?

Jana Krátká, st.
In Underworld:
Jana Krátká, st.
Pink gown for the Marquise:
Inspired by a bathing scene in the Seine. Clothes from the life at the Court of Miracles. A pink satin dress decorated with tulle.

Unnamed clothes of the Marquise de Plessis-Bellière: Dagmar Šeráková
Variation on a linen nightgown:
Dagmar Šeráková
Damask dress in rococo style:
A flowered dress complemented orange top skirt with the laces and with the green ribbons. The maid in a linen nightgown together with Madame de Plessis-Bellière... A light-blue dress of damask lined by gold embroidery for "Rococo Angélique".
Dasha - Nejmenovaná róba markýzy du Plessis

Dasha - Variace na linonovou noční košili

Mimi - Variace na téma rokoko

Gown for a "Trifle":
Dagmar Šeráková
Hunting costume with a pearl tie:
Dagmar Šeráková
Green dress and pearls for a bride:
The gown for the Marquise de Plessis-Bellière inspired by the King's words...
'The other day when I was visiting the greenhouses I noticed among the tuberoses a flower of quite a clashing colour. The gardeners wanted to pull it out by the roots, they said it was a wild one. But actually it was as breath-taking as the others, different though it was. You make me think of that wildflower whenever I see you among the other ladies of the Court.' (Angélique and the King, p. 110)
Angélique's riding clothes for a hunting with a pearl tie and a white hat with ostrich plumes.
The hunting costume really pleased her. She had sent the tailor precise instructions for giving the pearl gray velvet jacket a masculine cut that would set off the delicate curves of her youthful figure. Her huge cavalier's hat was of white felt, and ostrich plumes cascaded over it like a snowdrift. But what delighted her most of all was the stock. (...) After making several turns about her neck the yards of starched linen were fastened into a big knot. The ends, intricately embroidered with seed pearls, fanned out like the wings of a butterfly. (Angélique and the King, p. 13)
A green dress decorated with pearls inspired by the wedding gift from the Count de Peyrac.
On the enormous bed Angélique saw a taffeta dress of the same green tint as her eyes. An exquisitely fine lace trimmed the boned bodice, and the front of the 'busquiére' was entirely covered with diamond and emerald embroideries in the shape of flowers. (...) On the white satin gleamed a triple row of pearls of a very pure, slightly golden hue. (...) Earrings completed the set, along with two rows of smaller pearls that Angélique at first took for bracelets. (Angélique. The Marquise of the Angels, p. 133, 134)
Dasha - Šaty pro Ozdůbku

Dasha - Šaty na hon s perlovou kravatou

Mimi - Zelené šaty pro nevěstu

Lacy wedding dress:
Taťjana Antonová
Dark blue dress and turquoise bathrobe: Taťjana Antonová
Purple-and-black flowered dress:
Taťjana Antonová
A wedding dress from white lace suitable for the upcoming Countess de Peyrac. A dark-blue gown richly decorated with white lace, and fluffy turquoise bathrobe. A purple-and-black flowered summer dress from the happy times in Toulouse.
PenelopaW - Angelika & Joffrey

PenelopaW - Angeličiny toalety č. 1

PenelopaW - Angeličiny toalety č. 2

Ladies' and men's negligees:
Taťjana Antonová
Florimond and the dangerous wealth:
Taťjana Antonová
Forest pixie Honorine:
Taťjana Antonová
A nightgown for the young newly-wed, and a white batist shirt for the troubadour of Toulouse.
She had finally managed to undo her hair. It spread over her bare shoulders, and she shook it out with a toss of her head, in the wild familiar way of her childhood. (...) Turning round, she stifled a cry of terror. Leaning against the frame of the french window, the lame one was gazing at her. He was no longer wearing his red costume, but was dressed in breeches and a very short lack velvet doublet. (Angélique. The Marquise of the Angels, p. 156)
Black-haired Florimond in a colorful outfit and among the wealth of the Count de Peyrac.
He was now a healthy though not a fat baby, with the black eyes and locks of a delightful little Spanish saint. (...) The trunks were wide open, so were the jewel boxes, and Florimond, bare-bottomed and on all fours, was crawling blissfully among these splendours. (...) Margot suddenly gave a cry and rushed towards Florimond, who was about to put a six-carat diamond in his mouth. (Angélique. The Marquise of the Angels, p. 242, 244, 250)
The little Honorine in the forest and her the most favorite toy - a fern.
Honorine would never go to sleep without a fern-leaf in her hand. This was her favourite rattle and she seemed entranced by its filigree patterns. (...) Then she left the cave to go to the edge of the woods for a fern-leaf which she plucked near the base of its stem. Honorine put out her hand and grabbed it, then watched the furry crook in ecstasy as it sent colossal prehistoric monsters‘ shadows dancing over the cave walls. (...) 'You are the incarnation of the woods, a sprite, a pixie, nothing else.' (A. in Revolt, p. 173-174)
PenelopaW - Angelika & Joffrey

PenelopaW - Florimond a šperkovnice

PenelopaW - Honorine a kapradinka

The costume variations in life-size

Black-and-gold dress:
Robe de Marquise
Glossy light-green dress:
Štěpánka Smolíková
Gold dress:
Angélique Bernard
The black-and-gold dress from the scene of the ceremonial reception of Bakhtiari Bey at the Court of the French King... The author, it is a French fan of Angélique who combined her passion for sewing with a desire to create a dress that would resemble Angélique's famous gown from movie Angélique and the King.

"Voilà une de mes création. Fan d'Angélique depuis tout petit j'ai associé cette passion aveccelle de la couture pou réaliser une des robes qu'Angélique porte dans Angélique et le Roy..."
A light-green dress from a brushed cotton lined with a dark fabric in a historical style, and with a shirt... The author, it is a Czech fan of Angélique, who likes also Baroque fashion. As the author said, there was a small quantity of the fabric, so the skirt is shorter than it should be, that's why she will try to use the lacy ruffles.

"Ovšem, protože se jednalo jen o nějaký zbytek látky, je jasně vidět, kde nastal problém, respektive problémy. Takže jak si můžete všimnout, rukávy jsou kratší, než by měly být, "křidýlka" jsou z úplně jiné látky (...) a hlavně, ta sukně je kratší cca o 10 cm než by bylo potřeba."
Angélique's gold dress for the visit of Royale wedding... The author, it is Angélique Bernard from France, who is a big fan of the work by Anne Golon. Her hobby, a sewing costumes and jewelry production, became a profession with her own shop, Persephoneia. This costume is one of the beginnings of her work.

"Robe d'or XVIIe siècle, inspirée par le roman Angélique marquise des anges (Anne Golon)"
"Souvenir de mon premier costume pour Vaux"
Robe de Marquise


Titania6 - Golden dress; Persephoneia