Angélique comic book in manga style

The publisher Casterman (Tournai, Belgium) has been publishing the series of comic books in style of manga since 2015. The authors of this project are Anne Golon, artist Dara and screenwriter Olivier Milhaud. The cover is in colour, the own content of the books is black-and-white, and the text is of course in French. In the end of the books we can find the brief information on the historical events about which the story of individual volumes tells. These overviews were prepared by Nadine Goloubinoff.

Charming processing of Manga accurately depicts the characters from the work by Anne Golon, and a screenplay faithfully draws inspiration from the events of the original novel Angélique, Marquise des Anges. Originally it was planned that the project will take the form of a classically illustrated comic books, but the author of a screenplay Olivier Milhaud proposed so that the adaptation of this work would be in a form of Manga which better portrays an extensive storyline by its typical "cross sections". Therefore there was involved Dara in the project, an illustrator and creator of the books in manga-style, and this creation of comic book with a historical background was the challenge for him. With help of the extensive researches of the historical costumes and hairstyles, there were revived not only the characters created by Anne Golon, but also real historical figures of the 17th century.

Angélique - Tome 1
The first part of the series BD Angélique Manga had premiere on April 8, 2015 and, just like the previous illustrated edition, covers a period of the Angélique's childhood. The book has 192 pages and consists of eight chapters.

The book portrays a plot from the years 1646-1649, when nanny Fantine makes the childhood of the descendants of the Baron de Sancé more varied with her stories, and the little Angélique disturbs the upbringing of aunt Pulcherie by her escapes from the castle Monteloup into the nearby surroundings. In Poitou, a landscape full of swamps and marshes, this 'little fairy' experiences various adventures with her friends, Nicolas and Valentine, or she makes trips into the depths of the forest of Nieul, in company the witch Mélusine, who teaches her the mystery of medicinal plants. At that time, the Thirty Years War is slowly coming to an end, and the Peace of Westphalia will be signed very soon. The mercenaries are coming back from the war territories across the France, and plundering all habitations which are in their way; and they do not even omit Baron de Sancé's estate. An important event in Angélique's life is also the visit of the Marquis du Plessis-Bellière with his beautiful son Philippe at the castle Monteloup.

DARA - MILHAUD, Olivier - GOLON, Anne. Angélique, Tome 1. Tournai: Casterman, 2015.
ISBN: 978-2-203-08956-3
The Baron Armand de Sancé, the Baroness Adeline de Sancé and their children (f.l.): Madelon, Hortense, Denis, Raymond, Angélique, Josselin, Gontran, Albert, Marie-Agnès.

Monteloup, the castle of the family de Sancé, where the little Angélique grew up and the story began.
The nanny scared the children with her stories properly, there is no missing even the legend of Gilles de Retz.

The aunts Jeanne and Pulcherie kept an eye on the upbringing of the young ladies de Sancé consistently.
She experienced many thrilling adventures together with her friend Nicholas.
The meeting of Angélique and Philippe at Monteloup left the slightly bitter memory ...
... but the friendship of the little Angélique and the witch Mélusine was marvellous.
Each chapter has its own hero... (f.l.): A herdsboy Nicholas, a nanny Fantine Lozier, a witch Mélusine, an old soldier Guillaume Lützen, a cousin Philippe du Plessis-Bellière.

Angélique - Tome 2
The second part of the series BD Angélique Manga was released on October 28, 2015. The book has 176 pages and the story is again divided into eight chapters describing the period of Angélique's adolescence.

The story takes place in the years 1649-1656, at a time when the Fronde is raging in the country, and the life of very young King Louis XIV is in jeopardy. After the visit of a 'stranger in black', the life is no longer the same as before at the castle Monteloup; and after an unsuccessful expedition to the Americas, Angélique loses her friend, the witch Mélusine. The events that take place during her visit at the castle du Plessis-Bellière, will affect future life not only of her... Nevertheless, for this moment, the teenager Angélique leaves her native castle Monteloup and departs with her sisters for the Monastery in Poitiers. But even the strict Catholic upbringing is not able to suppress her innate temperament during the six years spending in the monastery. In this city full of churches Angélique experiences another adventures, though not all events have a happy end. The political situation is still complicated in France, and the country is also struck by a plague epidemic. In the spring of 1656, Angélique is unexpectedly released from the monastery and returns home, but she learns from her father that she will not stay in Monteloup for long.

DARA - MILHAUD, Olivier - GOLON, Anne. Angélique, Tome 2. Tournai: Casterman, 2015.
ISBN: 978-2-203-08957-0
The Château Plessis-Bellière is an important venue of the second volume of the series.

The little Angélique likes to move in the kitchen even despite the protests of the nanny Fantine.
The visit of the Pastor Rochefort at Monteloup changed not only the life of Josselin.
The expedition of the little Marquise of the angels to the Americas didn't turn out the best ...

The events at the castle Plessis-Bellière have effects for the future.
Also six years spent in the convent brought the new adventures...
Will Angélique accept her fate after talking with Monsieur Molines?
The prominent protagonists of the second part (f.l.): Monsieur Molines, the Prince de Condé, Madelon, the Marquis du Plessis-Bellière, Hortense, Angélique, the Monk Anselm, the old Baron de Sancé, Josselin. ...And the casket with the poison.

Angélique - Tome 3
The release of the third part of the series BD Angelique Manga was originally announced on September 14, 2016, however the publisher BD Casterman eventually has postponed this edition and the readers could be holding this book for the first time on November 16, 2016. The book has 184 pages and consists of 8 chapters, which are about the Angélique's life in Toulouse, after marriage to the Count Joffrey de Peyrac.

The story takes place at the time of the beginning of the reign of King Louis XIV. The Fronda was suppressed, and the young king could definitively take over his reign in a turbulent and ruined country after his coronation in 1654. One time even the young Angélique de Peyrac will feel his great influence on his people and his efforts to consolidate power... but for the time being, she is still trying to cope with her own destiny. After the wedding in proxy, she gave farewells to her family and in company the Marquise d'Andijos and a maid Margot, she sets off in a journey from Monteloup to her new home, Toulouse. With the sadness in her eyes and fear in her heart, she is getting to know new provinces and new people, and have no idea that there she will spend the happiest years of her life in the distant south of France.

DARA - MILHAUD, Olivier - GOLON, Anne. Angélique, Tome 3. Tournai: Casterman, 2016.
ISBN: 978-2-203-10086-2

Angélique begins to understand the need to put herself out for the family.
She gets to know the Marquis de Lauzun during her wandering from Poitou to Toulouse.
The first meeting of a young Angélique with her husband, the Count Joffrey de Peyrac...
The main characters of the third book (f.l.): Archbishop Benoit de Fontenac, the Marquis Bernard d'Andijos, Margot, the Count Joffrey de Peyrac, Armand Caesar Kouassi-Bâ, Clément Tonnel, an aunt Jeanne, Marie-Agnès de Sancé de Monteloup.